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Grayson's Gifts is a non-profit dedicated to the promotion and education of adoption. During our adoption journey, it became apparent there was a lack of resources and scholarships available to us as hopeful adoptive parents. We didn't qualify for scholarships if we weren't members of a specific church or if we didn't limit ourselves to only adopting a child of a specific race.  While there are a few national scholarships available, our generic application would be added to a pool of hundreds of thousands of other families hoping for the same scholarship. We knew it could be done better.


Grayson's Gifts will give local Des Moines area residents an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship to help with the expense of creating their family. Finances shouldn't be the only obstacle standing in the way. Grayson's Gifts has been established with 3 goals in mind.



"How much does adoption cost?" "What does an open adoption look like?" We will host educational panels to answer the questions that perspective adoptive parents may have. Those considering adoptions will have a "one stop" shop to guide them through the process from social worker, to attorney, to tax accountant and from home study to placement to gotcha days. 

Financial Support

We know first hand the tremendous amount of money that an adoption can incur. We will raise funds throughout the year through fundraising events and merchandise sales. We will then award scholarships to local waiting families to help offset their adoption expenses. 

Community Support


We have created a network of support to help guide you through your adoption journey. We've been where you are and understand the ups and downs. We are here when you need us. 

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